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Lent concerts, 2007

All concerts are in Queens College Chapel, Oxford.

Singers: Nancy-Jane (soprano), Esther (soprano), Kirsty (soprano), Tanya (soprano), Claire (alto), Nick (alto), Edwin (tenor), James (tenor), Benjamin (bass), Greg (bass), Jonny (bass).

Instrumentalists: Linda Hannah-Andersson (violin), Elizabeth Hodson (violin), Julian Smith (violin/viola), Heather Birt (viola/violin), Judith Dallosso (cello), Lucinda Wright (cello), Michael Lowe (theorbo), Owen Rees (chamber organ).


Daily Information page about the concerts.

Concert 1, March 13 (Tuesday) 6:15pm


singers: Nancy-Jane (soprano), Esther (soprano), Claire (alto), James (tenor), Benjamin (bass).

strings: Linda (violin 1), Julian (violin 2), Heather (viola), Judith (cello). listing.

Concert 2, March 20 (Tuesday) 6:15pm


singers: Nancy-Jane (soprano), Esther (soprano), Claire (alto), James (tenor), Benjamin (bass).

strings: Heather (violin 1), Linda (violin 2), Julian (viola), Judith (cello). listing.

Concert 3, March 27 (Tuesday) 6:15pm


singers: Nick (alto), Edwin (tenor), Greg (bass).

strings: Julian (violin 1), Linda (violin 2), Heather (viola), Lucinda (cello).

(Buxtehude VI strings: Elizabeth (violin), Heather (viola 1), Julian (viola 2), Lucinda (cello), Judith (cello))

( listing pending)

Concert 4, April 3 (Tuesday) 6:15pm


Tanya (soprano), Kirsty (soprano), Nick (alto), Edwin (tenor), Jonny (bass).

strings: Linda (violin 1), Heather (violin 2), Julian (viola), Lucinda (cello).

( listing pending)